Because, aviously…

I love a good Movie Trailer. Or TV Trailer. I’m not really particular what type it is, as long as it’s a trailer….set up a good tease, and it’ll make people want to go see the actual event.

But it’s rare that I look ahead and say “There’s a new trailer coming out next Tuesday!!!”, instead that excitement is usually held for the actual Movie/TV Show.

Star Wars has changed that in a way that Marvel never could. Marvel’s movies are drool-worthy, but their trailers aren’t always edge of your seat watching.

Last year it was the Episode VII trailers that had people patiently waiting through ESPN football for a half-time trailer release, and last night it was Olympics coverage that had a Rogue One trailer mixed in.

And it’s oh-so-glorious, bringing exactly what you need from a trailer.
It makes you want the movie to be released already, it introduces you to brand-new characters (played by amazing actors such as Ben Mendelsohn, Forest Whitaker and Felicity Jones), and it allows me to finally use the hashtag: #ImWithHer

See for yourself, and eagerly await December 16.

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