Because, aviously…

We’ve all watched many of them by now, but the focus of late night television needs to be on James Corden.

Corden, when he took over The Late Late Show knew that the way to grab market share was to make videos and segments that can be easily digested online and spread virally.

And he hit the golden jackpot with Carpool Karaoke.
Simply driving around town, with celebrities and artists in the car with James, singing their songs (and other popular songs), just like us regular people do on a daily basis.

Last night he had Britney (b**ch) on the eve of her new album release Glory, and they sang some of her old-time hits mixed with some new songs.

Previous great hits included Lin-Manuel Miranda (from Hamilton), Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Adele.

There has been recent talk of a spin-off show based on this segment (with a still unknown host), but if Lip Sync Battle taught us anything, doing this too frequently (and with B and C level celebrities) will cause it to burn out…let’s hope it doesn’t 🙂

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