Because, aviously…

Family Guy’s video game was released in April 2014, and for the last 29 months I’ve played one of the better “time-based” games.

The premise is simple: The evil Chicken has worked behind the scenes to cancel the Family Guy show and destroy Quahog. But with our help we can rebuild the town to the vibrant city it once was.

The game has expanded immensely, with many themed events in the past including Star Trek, Halloween, Comic-Con and most recently the Justice League. Throughout all of

Throughout all of these there have been almost 150 characters unlockable in the game, and if you can think of someone who has appeared in the show, they’ve likely popped up somewhere in the game. Ranging from our Griffins and friends to ghosts of dead characters and the Kool Aid Man, to cameos from American Dad and The Cleveland Show.

While you can “pay-to-play” and speed up gameplay (or unlock premium characters), it is entirely possible to play (and enjoy) this game without ever spending a dime.

This game is a solid 9 out of 10.

Family Guy the Quest for Stuff Poster

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