Because, aviously…

Google started rolling out their newest messaging app on Wednesday, and Allo is set to take on Facebook’s WhatsApp.

The messenger app has a virtual assistant that you can talk to, and get answers to your pressing questions, set alarms and reminders, make dinner reservations and book a car, or just find out the top headlines and weather forecasts.

It’s still in its infant stages, so the assistant is relying heavily on user feedback to perfect itself, but the potential is certainly there.

The problem with the app, at this point, is privacy. Google is storing all messages on their servers, and will make them fully available if/when the police request them. Meanwhile, someone who knows a little something about internet security, Edward Snowden, added in his two cents on Wednesday:

So for now, I tried out Allo, simply talking to the assistant, and not any real conversations…but I’ve taken Snowden’s advice and deleted it from my phone until they protect our information a bit better.

Google Allo Logo

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