Because, aviously…

How much does our freedom cost us?

We want to be independent and free to do what we want…but that involves a lot of things.

Having your own apartment, buying your own groceries, furnishing a place of your own, and having a car to get around.

But just how expensive is having a car? Let’s dive into the numbers:

Car – If you are leasing, it can be upwards of $200/month…if you are financing, the rates can be two or three times more.

Insurance – ~$150/month, depending on coverage.

Gas – My monthly average is about $70 in gas. This obviously depends on travel distances and time spent in traffic.

Tolls – Similarly with tolls, it all depends where you live and where you go. If you travel to/from NJ<–>NYC daily, you run bills upwards of $100 a month…if you stick to Brooklyn/Manhattan Bridges, your tolls plummet.

Parking – Everyone’s bills change on this. If you park at meters often, you can get $20-$25 a month…if you are parking in a lot in the city, it’s about $400-$600+…

And all that doesn’t even cover regular maintenance on the vehicle…so yes, no two people are alike, but having a car is truly an expensive expense (even once you fully own it).

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