Because, aviously…

This week’s Rolling Stone magazine had a great article on why it is that we live in the age of fear, with seemingly so many attacks and things that make us live out lives in fear of the world around us.

The full article by Neil Strauss can be read HERE.

One of the main points that I think is the reasoning: We live in a very connected world these days. The minute something happens everyone knows everything about it, whether the information is correct or not.

It’s not that MORE attacks/accidents/terrible things are happening, it’s just that we know about them easier. Between social media and 24-hour news cycles, there is a need to get as many stories on screen as possible.

A good example is the Hoboken train accident two weeks ago. Within minutes of the derailment there were pictures of it online and reports of a “Mass casualty event”.
In previous years we’d have heard about it on the radio/TV over the hours to come, and the info would usually be ironed out to be the most accurate that they have.
But now everyone wants everything NOW. So instead the media is forced to go with whatever they, regardless the accuracy, and fix it later…this is done because if they are even a few minutes slow on info, people turn to another source.

Look at your area. Look at your neighborhood. Your infrastructure, your transportation, your precincts crime rates. These are the things to be afraid of. And if you take NJT, you’re SOL.

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