Because, aviously…

One of the people I went to college with, Natalie Raffaele, has worked on her first graphic novel for a few years, and now, together with Illustrator Aaron Parks, she is ready to crowdsource and fund the printing.

The title is “Ananke: The Prologue” and you can fund the Kickstarter HERE.

And now for a little about Ananke, from their main website:

Man has finally done it. We have created Artificial Intelligence that can think and emote entirely on its own.
They are called ConneXions.
Created by Latimer Industries on Earth, the ConneXion Series is the most innovative robotic line to date because of one feature: CRYSTAL TECHNOLOGY.  It is this component that gives A.I. a unique fingerprint and personal magnetism. As an ultimate test of A.I. capabilities, the company sends five ConneXions to ANANKE, a dwarf planet hidden in the Asteroid Belt, in search of habitable zones for human life.
It is on this quest that our story truly begins and a discovery is made that will change A.I. and humans forever.  Once found, there’s no turning back, and our ConneXions are thrust into a situation they cannot escape!

ANANKE: The Prologue is the birthplace of ANANKE’s epic three-part volume graphic novel series.  It is the catalyst for our characters’ motivations in the remaining three volumes to solving what may be the greatest mystery of mankind (and beyond…)!

Ananke: The Prologue

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