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FIFA 17 has been out for a few weeks and after spending some time with it I’ve come to the conclusion that the Frostbite Engine, which debuted there and will show up in next weeks Battlefield 1, is insanely good.

The Presentation and Graphics in this game is flawless, I have yet to stumble across any glitches or bugs, and the Gameplay itself seems to follow a similar path.
While many games have that glitch (such as a double-deke + wrist shot to score on every shootout attempt) I have yet to come across one in FIFA 17.

With the new Frostbite the crosses are tough to land, as the realism level has come as close as ever, with passes no longer “sticking” to the receivers, and sliding tackles not automatically working on every play. In fact they are tougher than ever.

As far as modes go, I haven’t tried The Journey yet, after getting bored of a similar mode in last year’s NBA 2k game, but it’s supposed to be good, and I’m certain I’ll try it at  some time, and you can read about it in an article HERE.

The mode I’ve been playing most, one that I’ve never gone to in any previous FIFA game is the Online mode.
They use a “Season” to help determine who you should be playing against.
You start in the lowest league (League 10) and have to play 10 games each season, to determine if you will move up a league/move down a league/or just stay where you are.
I’ve gotten as high as League 7….where I promptly went 2-0-8 and dropped back to League 8.
Another great move is that even while only playing within your League, you also only play against teams of semi-equal “goodness”. So as I progress with the 2 1/2 star NYCFC, I never face a Barcelona/Real Madrid/Spain National team, and instead play a lot against Mexicana/Toronto FC/Celtic FC.

This game is outstanding and gets a 9.5 out of 10.

FIFA 17 Cover

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