Because, aviously…

It’s been eight months since I reviewed FIFA 17 and it’s time to look back and see how it’s holding up.

Presentation and Graphics have not faltered since day 1. I have spent hundreds of hours on it, and never hit a glitch or bug in the system.
They added ‘goal review’ to the game, but I have only seen it tried once or twice, and never has something been ruled a ‘goal’. While it would be too scripted to happen, and it would be something that they would overuse if they tried to push it…it would be kind of cool in a big situation to have a goal overturned one way or the other.

I enjoy playing this game over the long term, compared to something like Madden or NHL, because it is just so simple.
15 minutes in and out, no thinking of which passing play I need to run, just a formation and timing.
I don’t have to worry about my ‘goalie having an off night and letting in easy goals’ or ‘the wind blowing a perfect pass slightly off course’. Sure those are all ‘part of the game’, but sometimes you just want a mindless break from reality to play a video game.

When you play a full season, keep your team healthy, play well and smart start-to-finish, you’ll just have an enjoyable time.

As for The Journey mode I mentioned last time: I played it, and it was a lot of fun. Taking a player from childhood through the Championship is rewarding, especially as you build out friendships and rivalries.
Madden is adding Long Shot to their game this year, which is a similar idea, and it may actually give people a reason to pick up the stale franchise again.

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