Because, aviously…

Chicago Cubs. Haven’t won in 100+ years. Hadn’t been to the World Series since the mid-1940s.
Cleveland Indians. Haven’t won since the mid-1940s. Hadn’t been here since losing to the Marlins in ’97.

Chicago has the Curse of the Billy Goat and Cleveland has the curse of a city…until this year, when the Cavaliers brought the first Professional Championship to the city and the minor league hockey team (Monsters) also won this year, while the Browns are just terrible.

So which team do I want to win? Well, as much as the Cubs have Theo Epstein (of Red Sox infamy), I just can’t stand the high horse that Cleveland is currently riding and I would have to say that I hope that the Goat is finally slaughtered.

world-series-2016-logo world-series-2016

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