Because, aviously…

America’s dorkiest actress has written the dorkiest autobiography/memoir of 2016 and that equals sheer perfection.

Anna Kendrick is the teenager we all were, the adult we crave to be, and this book is full of stories we all had (or wish we would have had).

From her struggles moving from Maine to NYC to LA as well as living in subpar housing. Dorking her way through life was the way Anna wanted to do it, and she had the times of her life doing it.
From Camp to Twilight and Tony Award Nominations to the Golden Globes, she’s literally done it all. Singing…dancing…acting…there isn’t much she can’t do.

But Anna doesn’t hold back, making sure to highlight the ups and downs of stardom, and that everything isn’t always destined to be roses and rainbows.

One of the more interesting and entertaining autobiographies/memoirs that I’ve read in recent years, and highly recommend it for any Kendrick fans. This book gets an 8 out of 10.

Scrappy Little Nobody

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