Because, aviously…

I recently have been exploring the idea of some sort of book sharing program.

I bought two books, had them delivered to a couple of people, and the plan was to have them pass it on to the next reader when they were done with it.

There were/are a few problems with my plan…the first was I didn’t have a proper delivery method to get it from person A to B…but more importantly, I didn’t actually have a list of people to pass things on to!

The obvious answer to problem #1 is USPS flat rate shipping…but funny enough, with Amazon’s cheap book prices, and free shipping seven days a week, it’s actually simpler to buy a new book for each person (obviously this depends on the book).

The first two books I’ve sent out were polar opposites: Scrappy Little Nobody, Anna Kendricks’ autobiography; and 13 Reasons Why by Jay Asher, recently turned into a Netflix show.

If you are interested in getting involved or want one of those first two books, feel free to reach out (you know…twitter, email, comment below) and join in on the reading fun!

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