Because, aviously…

Tired of stopping at the toll booths as you enter/exit the Hugh L. Carey (Brooklyn Battery) Tunnel?
What about having to slow down and wait in line, just to let your EZ-Pass register?
Or the worst case: Getting stuck on an EZ-Pass line because someone got on it without having one.

This weekend marks the end of toll booths at the Hugh L Carey, and by the end of 2017 we will see them gone across the five boroughs.

Cashless Tolls will begin on Wednesday, January 4th, allowing all drivers to drive straight through from the West Side Highway to the BQE.

Mutambo Toll Booth

Drivers with EZ-Pass will get charged as usual, while other drivers will get a bill in the mail within 30 days, based off of their license plates.

As for the toll booth attendants? They are said to be getting reassigned to help State Police enforce people who are trying to skip out on the new system (such as those with illegal reflectors over the plates, or carefully positioned tape).

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