Because, aviously…

I Survived The Room at Indoor Extreme Sports in Long Island City is a great location for an Escape the Room adventure.

They have three different adventures at this location, and today I’m gonna look at the “Club Escape” adventure.

First though, for those unfamiliar with an “Escape”, the concept is pretty simple. You are locked in a room with a bunch of other people (friends, strangers, etc.) with a bunch of different puzzles to conquer to help you get out of the room and finish the scenario.

Club Escape is the hottest new Russian club in Long Island City, run by the Bratva. When you try to infiltrate the boss’ office, you get discovered and locked in, and with only an hour before he shows up to kill you, you must figure out where the hostages are and how to get out alive.

The experience was well planned, with a full assortment of puzzles to challenge the mind, including combination locks, word/visual/math puzzles and laser grids just for the fun of it.
And let’s not forget the fantastic Russian actors that are helping you along the way.

The Escapes are approx. $25/person, but worth it for the experience!

Club Escape

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