Because, aviously…

1994 was the first time I went to see the Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey Circus, where they unveiled the elephant siblings (Romeo and Juliet) to the world.

From Forbes.com

From Forbes.com

And through the years I’ve gone many times, and with their last shows approaching, ending right here in the New York area, I’ve bought tickets to see them one last time before they bring the Big Top down after a 146-year run.

Funundrums and Legends, Bello and more, I’ve always enjoyed the show they’ve put on. Weaving a story and excitement into the typical circus acts, from high-wire flips to motorcycles in a ball, lion tamers and elephants to horses and the human cannon.

While many have been upset over the years with the treatment of animals, there is something to the circus experience that kids playing on their phones just won’t get any more as more and more circus’ close (Big Apple filed for bankruptcy last year).

Regardless your opinions on it, it’s hard to argue with the fact that they certainly were¬†The Greatest Show on Earth, and I hope they make my last show out of this world!

Ringling Bros Romeo and Juliet 1994 Barnums Funundrum 2010 Ringling Bros Legends 2015 Ringling Bros Out of this World 2017

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