Because, aviously…

Monster Jam Triple Threat is moving across the East Coast in a great show filled with Monster Trucks, Speedsters, and ATVs (hence the ‘Triple Threat’).

Monster Jam 2017 Scooby Doo Gif

At yesterday’s show at The Prudential Center, there was a nice variety of cars, from fan favorites Grave Digger and Max-D, crowd-enticing Zombie and EarthShaker, to the animals of Scooby-Doo, Monster Mutt Rottweiler, and El Toro Loco, and lastly the underwhelming N.E.A.

Monster Jam 2017 Zombie Monster Jam 2017 Scooby Doo Monster Jam 2017 Max D Monster Jam 2017 EarthShaker

With a range of seven events to fill out the scoring, each driver needed to earn as much as they could, with a variety of votes coming from the judges and audience.
There were head-to-head races Speedsters and ATVs, and then the large trucks raced the course, spun doughnuts, popped wheelies, and ended with a Freestyle extravaganza.

This was a great event and highly recommended for kids and adults of all ages.

While some events it doesn’t matter where in a Stadium/Arena you sit, for Monster Jam I would recommend paying a little extra to sit downstairs and close to the action, where you can really see the height these vehicles get and feel the rumble as they rev their engines.

Monster Jam Triple Threat 2017 Poster

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