Because, aviously…

For the third straight year, I am gonna urge you all to go vote on the Webbys.

The Webbys are the leading international award honoring excellence on the Internet, and with it, it gives hope to the little sites and the self-created stuff, as well as the internet juggernauts and world leaders in sports and entertainment.

There are tens of categories to vote on, all available until April 20th, and grouped under the following umbrellas:

  • Websites
  • Advertising, Media & PR
  • Film & Video
  • Mobile Sites & Apps
  • Social
  • Podcasts & Digital Audio

It gives a space for The Players Tribune or Sky Sports to rise up over the ESPNs of the internet, and for previously little sites like Hello Giggles to make a name for themselves.

It does take a little more than a couple of minutes to go through and vote for all categories, but while you do you will find all sorts of internet goodies that have rolled out in the last year.

Happy voting!

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