Because, aviously…

APB on Fox is a decent show, don’t let its badness fool you. But at the end of the day, they just try too hard.

The tech is insanely cool, and when the robot overlords take over the world, we will have plenty to look forward to.
And while the tech will make me turn on the show week after week, at the end of the day this needs to turn into a good cop show…and it just isn’t.

Every episode introduces a new tech toy that is imaginative, but it isn’t a sustainable model. After a while, you will run out of toys, or start making things that are just too far beyond reality and just become a “sci-fi show” instead of an “advanced reality”. With the bar set so high for new stuff, it’ll just be unable to continue.

The best tech character Ada (played by Caitlin Stasey) isn’t the lead female, and the actual male lead Gideon Reeves (Justin Kirk) is a rightfully overconfident rich man who is too cocky for a two-hour movie, let alone putting the audience through him week after week.
Meanwhile, lead Detective Murphy (Natalie Martinez) makes every episode feel like a tragic love story that is destined for her getting killed and Gideon going off on the bad guys, and that is in no way her fault, but rather the results of poor writing.

This show needs a direction, and like most successful dramas, needs a clear overall arching storyline that will keep the standard, non-techie, viewers coming back for more episodes…but the time is running out and this show seems headed for the recycling bin.

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