Because, aviously…

Yesterday was the last day for Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey Circus and as the Greatest Show on Earth packed up the big tent, I took the opportunity to take them in one last time.

From riding bikes on high bars to horses, cats, pigs and dogs. Explosions and lights to all sorts of fantastic acts that are now unfortunately out of jobs…but despite all of that, they made it an enjoyable time for everyone in attendance, and proved that they are indeed the Greatest Show on Earth…and Out Of This World as well.

While many people are against the circus because of animal cruelty, at the end of the day the circus has been a part of many people’s childhoods for 146 years, and they truly put on a fantastic performance.
Ringling does more for animals and their conservation and enrichment than Peta supporters do…

Scroll down to the bottom and watch the last video to get a Kangaroo sighting!!!

Big Farewell Ringling May 21 2017

Big Farewell Wave from Ringling Brothers

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