Because, aviously…

It’s been more than two months and it is finally time to review my Samsung Galaxy S8.

For starters, it was a nice changeover from the Moto X to the S8. That is not to say there is anything wrong with the Moto, but change is good after a while.

The phone is sleek, slim, and feels fantastic in the hand. The graphics are a step up on just about every device out there, with the edge-to-edge screen and most pixels per inch of any device on the market (as of launch).

Most people’s largest concern is the “smudging of the camera while using the fingerprint reader”. I haven’t encountered this issue for a few reasons. For starters, I only use the fingerprint reader when using Samsung Pay, but more importantly, I don’t use the reader as my standard unlock function. I have ‘trusted devices’ to take care of that, including my smart watch.

The processor is fast and handles everything at lightning speeds, with no phone lag, and the expandable memory is always a much-appreciated bonus on these phones (although it should be standard at this point. I’m looking at you Apple).

Meanwhile, the Samsung credit card payments via magnet strip is a much appreciated, undervalued, feature.

It’s amazing how quickly I forget about the extra button on the side. I never touch it, never use it, and Bixby is a forgotten afterthought to me. Samsung should’ve held off on it until they nailed down all the details, instead they forced it out raw, and just handed out a dead fish on launch.

The battery is only ‘okay’, with a standard daily usage time, but with quick charge, it is easy to refuel and keep going. It’s only annoying when on the go and not constantly around a port every 8+ hours to charge.

While I will still push the Motorola line of phones on people because price point to quality is greatest from them, I definitely recommend the S8 to anyone willing to drop top dollar on a brand new device.

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