Because, aviously…

Dear Editors on Daily Mail,

Just kidding. There are no editors on Daily Mail.
From the headlines to the blurbs on the front page, and the stories to the gossip pages, the site is riddled with misspellings and errors.

Factual errors, simple spelling mistakes, and a lot of things that are easily fixable if someone just read things over once before they posted (or just ran something like AutoCorrect or Grammerly before posting).

ABC7-NY recently added a “Report A Typo” button on the end of every story. Clicking it will open your email with the subject “Report a typo” and fills out the text with the story headline and link.
While it may seem a bit lazy, it is an extra (hundred) set of eyes to keep an eye on things and make sure everything going out is correct.

So Daily Mail, maybe hire an editor or two….or just turn your site into a wiki and let the readers correct the mistakes.

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