Because, aviously…

Cameras on smartphones have reached a level that we no longer need to carry around a standard camera anymore unless you worry about battery life (which we all do).
That to me is the largest concern, running out of battery on my phone while taking pictures and then needing a map or to make a phone call.

For a few years I had the Moto X (3rd Gen) and the picture quality was really good. It shot at 16MP while 16X9 and had a 1/2.4″ sensor size.
The pictures from it were fantastic quality.

When I got the Samsung Galaxy S8 I was a little concerned that when shooting at widescreen it was only going to give me a 9.1MP shot (but it does have the better sensor size of 1/2.5″.
And after taking some great outdoor shots this weekend I am extremely happy with the shots on the S8.
All these shots are taken without a zoom (as it’s all a digital zoom anyways, so you can zoom before or after and it’s all the same result).

At the end of the day I’d say I’m more than satisfied with the quality of the photos from my smartphone, hopefully, your phone takes photos as crisp. If anyone has some iPhone 7 shots of scenic or wide shots outdoors, feel free to send them over for comparison.

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