Because, aviously…

The hardest part for me when planning a vacation is figuring out where to go.

I’ll hem and haw for a while, but when I finally nail down a location, I am pedal to the metal planning it out, from A-to-Z.

In the last few weeks I’ve been thinking about where to go this year, and for a while, I thought I wouldn’t do anything this year (mostly because I couldn’t pick a location).

I like to go in late October/November when the weather in most places isn’t too hot or cold, and tourism pricing is fairly low.
The other advantage is most people are in school, so the number of tourists is low, leaving me to have places to myself to explore and take pictures of.

I have so far done most road trip destinations (that can be driven within 5-10 hours of NYC) with only one or two still remaining on my lists, which are unfortunately not favorable to the cold weather months, and so far I still refuse to do August trips.

So after going back and forth, between thinking about not going anywhere to doing Orlando, figuring between Montreal and Vermont, I pulled a rabbit out of my hat and decided on this years destination.

October 2017 I will be heading to…*drumroll please*…SAN DIEGO!!! Stay tuned #AvisTravels readers.

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