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Last weekend I lost another friend, and the rest of the world lost a Jewish icon.

Mayer Weiss was a friend of mine for 15+ years, going to camp together for many summers and working together as a waiter.
He was a constant giver. Giving his time, his money, and his heart to those around him, and bringing out the best in others.
In camp he ran the learning program for the adult staff, giving his time every night (when others were playing baseball or basketball) to keep track of the timecards and finances.
He was also known to have a love for weddings. Helping people out from beginning to end, from setting up dating prospects to helping collect money for whatever was needed on the wedding nights.
In that honor, they have taken up a charity fund to help others with their weddings, hoping to raise $200K by 10PM tonight, and they are well into the final push for that goal. You can give your donation HERE.

Just 48 hours before Mayer passed, a man who shared his first name, and helped form the learning of Jewish studies as we know it passed away.
Rabbi Meir Zlotowitz was the founder of ArtScroll, the world leader in publishing prayer books, books of the Torah and Talmud, and everything else in the Jewish world, most famously translating them from Hebrew to English.
He started as an invitation printer and expanded to simple scrolls. From there he went on to make the prayer books found in just about every synagogue in America, and the famous 73-volume set of Talmud in Hebrew/English.

Two people. 45+ years apart. Each affecting the world around them in very special ways. Each going to be missed in very different ways.

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