Because, aviously…

Nestled in the lower corner of New York’s Central Park is the Central Park Zoo, the famous setting of the Madagascar movies. It is another WCS zoo with no parking lot (See: Prospect Park Zoo) and accessible mainly by mass transit.

The zoo is split into a few parts, the main typical Zoo and the Tisch Children’s Zoo, both included in admission and a 4D theater.

The zoo features the following areas:

  • Sea Lion Pool
  • Tropic Zone – A nice rainforest transports you out of the NYC landscape into the wilds, as birds walk alongside you as you view Lemurs and Boa’s
  • Temperate Territory – Snow Monkeys in a nice pool area, Red Pandas and Snow Leopards
  • Polar Circle – Four types of Penguins and a Puffin exhibit in this ice house
  • Tisch Children’s Zoo – Goats, llamas, and cows, all within hands reach
  • Grizzly Bears – This pair of bears originally from the Bronx Zoo have a nice enclosure leading up to the Harbor Seals

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