Because, aviously…

It’s been teased and hinted for a while, but Android Instant Apps is finally rolling out to many Android devices.

Sometimes you click on a link that would prefer to open up inside of its native app (think Instagram), but you don’t have that app installed…well everyone hurts from that.
You see a poor(er) version of the page via the web, and the app developer loses out on some of their functionality.

But with Instant Apps, Google is making it easier on everyone. Your phone will download little pieces of the app in the background, just enough to make the page visible as it would be within the app itself, and it’ll give you full use as if you had the app.

This is also extremely useful for people running phones with very little space (16GB phones with no SD cards, for example), allowing them to use these apps, without tying up space on their phones.

Ideas of apps you can use like this?

  • Citymapper – Quickly look up where you need to get to, without downloading the maps?
  • NY Times Crosswords – Had a good puzzle and want to share it with someone who might like it? Do the puzzle without the app!
  • Weather Channel
  • Vimeo
  • Ticketmaster
  • Jet
  • Zillow/Realtor – For when you’re looking for your dream house on a random Tuesday…

The one question I have with all this: What does it do to data downloads and those not on unlimited plans?

Regardless, the idea is simple enough, and one of the cooler features to come to phones in recent years, and what I think will be the future of how apps run.

Here is more from Google.

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