Because, aviously…

A year ago I brought you Citymapper the multimodal transit app, which will help you to get around in every way except for in your own car.

But the biggest challenge of any of these apps is “traffic” (when looking at car directions) or delays when dealing with mass transit.

Yet with the number of changes that happen with the MTA on a daily basis, how can any map app hope to keep up with it?

Well Citymapper is going to go the same route that most riders use: Twitter.

They have developed an algorithm to read the @NYCTSubway tweets and route you accordingly.

According to an article by CityLab they have figured out how to weed out what it is the people at MTA are trying to say (regardless how convoluted it sounds), and relay it within the app.

Take a read of the full CityLab article for more information on all this!

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