Because, aviously…

The NFL season starts again tonight, and I’ve gotta admit…I’m not ready for it. For starters, it means that the summer is over, and that’s just not okay.

But with a new season comes a few intriguing storylines to follow:

  • Zeke Elliott – He was handed a six game suspension. He appealed. He still has a six-game suspension, but he will be playing in Week 1 against the Giants, which is sure to enrage their fan base.
  • Tom Brady – He’s 40 years-old and keeps making a case for the Greatest Quarterback of All-Time, and if the most recent Super Bowl run was any indication, he’s not about to let age slow him down.
    Roger Goodell will be appearing at the season opener tonight and Barstool Sports has pulled out all its tricks, handing out 70K towels with clown Roger on the front. If those all appear in the stadium, it’s guaranteed to be one loud “boo” for the commissioner.
  • Andrew Luck – Shoulder surgery in the off-season and he still hasn’t practiced. Will he make an appearance anytime soon?
  • Remember when San Diego and St. Louis had football teams?
  • Can the Jets win three or more games?
  • TV Ratings – They were trending lower last year, and I think they will continue to sink, especially with some games available on Amazon Prime. It’s only a matter of time before salaries>profits and the league starts to bleed money.
    I can’t wait for that.

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