Because, aviously…

It’s hard to believe that 25-year-old Demi Lovato has six albums out over a nine-year span, as she still feels like one of the fresh new voices, but with today’s release of Tell Me You Love Me, Demi opens up about relationships, life, vulnerability, and everything in between.

This album doesn’t have a bad note on it, and with Sorry Not Sorry leading off, a single that has potential to be Song of the Year, you just know that this album is going to be packed with solid music.

She talks about her Daddy Issues and how it affects her relationships, and speaking of those, Ruin The Friendship discusses her crossing that line with a really good friend…I’m kind of looking at you, Nick Jonas…

But on top of all that, I think the title track has some of her strongest lyrics:

I need someone on days like this, I do
On days like this
Oh, tell me you love me

The album has only one song with a featured singer, Lil Wayne, but the deluxe version include two other top Demi songs, in which she featured, from this year: Instruction (by Jax Jones) and No Promises (Cheat Codes).

This album is powerful, and the vocals within are as well, and Demi is definitely my new obsession, getting a 9 out of 10.

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