Because, aviously…

NYCFC has been around since 2013 and playing their home games at Yankee Stadium for three full seasons now.

But with the fans clamoring, and the front offices promising, it’s time for a stadium that we can call our own.

This team is built around the 5 boroughs. The logo is an NYC subway token, the team’s unwritten mascot a pigeon. It’s been promised from Day 1 that this team was all about New York City, unlike their cross-river rivals playing in New Jersey.

But the first actual proposal that floated to the surface is in Elmont, NY…located just outside of Queens. This is alienating the fans that are dedicated to this city, and moving out of it will lose at least 50% of the fans.

City Football Group and the Yankees have the money. A lot of the fans, don’t. Don’t make the game more expensive to go to, requiring everyone to take LIRR instead of the Subway.

It’s one of the reasons I don’t go to New York Rangers games: The tickets are too expensive, and it just makes it not fun to go to a game.

Make it harder to go to games, and people will just stop going.

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