Because, aviously…

I have the StubHub app on my Android phone and use it regularly to list tickets and change prices on them.

As your listing is set to expire, the app will send you notifications reminding you to keep an eye on them. I sell the tickets, sometimes via TicketExchange

If I sell the tickets via some other method, such as TicketExchange or to a friend, I delete theĀ listing entirely (as opposed to if I am uncertain and I just “deactivate” it).

When I delete it, it’s completely gone from my account, and I should no longer get any notifications from it.

But back in mid-July, I started to get tens of notifications that my listing was set to expire…even when I had deleted the event weeks earlier. And I wouldn’t just get one or two notifications…I would get 10-20 in one shot, and when I would clear them out, they would show up again shortly after.

I reached out to StubHub at the time via Twitter, and they replied that they were looking into it.

Later that week they released an update, which seemed to fix the issue…until mid-August. And suddenly those tens of notifications were back again, and I reached out again to their social media team.

And then one Sunday night I got a call from StubHub. They called to apologize, saying that they thought the issue was resolved, and they were seeing that certain devices still had the bug.
The next night, I got another phone call, with more apologies, and the promise that they were working on it.

In their defense, the issue seemed to clear up shortly after that second phone call, but more importantly, I was extremely surprised and pleased with the way their Customer Support team handled the situation.

I didn’t ask for a phone call…and while I was annoyed by the notifications, my Tweets were along the lines of “just fix this”…so the fact that they took initiative and reached out gives their support teams a huge thumbs up.

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