Because, aviously…

There is no denying it. Whether you like the Yankees or hate them, they are making baseball great again.

For years those talking about the future of baseball, and how Bryce Harper would be the one that would get people to watch again. And then it became Yasiel Puig. And all the while it should’ve been Paul Goldschmidt and his career average of .299.

But the storyline this postseason, as Harper and Goldschmidt got knocked out in the first round, and Puig isn’t pulling in the excitement, is the powerhouse in The Bronx that is lighting up baseball.

And it really doesn’t matter (in terms of this) if they move on to the World Series.
Simply the way this team has come back twice from being down in a series 2-0, and have gone up against the best pitchers the League has to offer to mount those comebacks, turning their own pitchers into household names.

Luis Severino, who only managed to get thru a single out of the Wild Card game, has shown glimpses of why he is the next Yankees Ace, and one of the Top pitchers in baseball. That’s not to put down any of the other starters, as Masahiro Tanaka has brought his A-game, CC is as clutch as can be, and Sonny Gray has proved why we went out and got him.
And when it comes to the bullpen, despite Dellin Betances completely falling apart, they have been fully loaded this postseason, including the other 8.2 outs of that Wild Card game.
Tommy Kahnle and David Robertson have been go-to’s, while Aroldis Chapman has closed out as needed.

But all of that pitching greatness has been overshadowed by the lineup of Baby Bombers and veteran leaders, and as highlighted by their eighth-inning Game 4 batting through the order, they are all participants in this great playoff run.
Going around the field they are all pitching in, Greg Bird, Aaron Judge, and Gary Sanchez are bringing the fireworks, Brett Gardner showing grit and leadership, Sir Didi proving his Knightness, and Chase Headley crushing any past talk about him being a waste of money.
This isn’t to forget about Starlin Castro or Aaron Hicks…they are just afterthoughts in this crew.

Meanwhile, Todd Frazier has become the face and life of the Yankees dugout, and after a Mets fan graced him with a Thumbs Down, it has become the symbol of the 2017 Yankees.
And looking at history, underdogs always seem to have some sort of ritual that pushes them through their tougher games, most famously the 2002 Angels and their rally monkey.

Obviously, as a Yankees fan, I want the Yankees to win.
But as a baseball fan, watching the last three games, it’s hard to see how they won’t win their 28th Championship this year…unless the team that just can’t hit shows up again.

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