Because, aviously…

Balboa Park, in the center of San Diego, is a similar expanse as the National Mall in DC, with a large park and a full array of museums and sights to be seen.

With its free parking, the Park is easy to get to, and once you are done a day at the zoo, it’s a short walk over to the other buildings.

I will cover the Natural History Museum in this article, and continue on in Part 2.

Coming from NYC, we are spoiled the number of museums that we have, as well as the quality and quantity that these buildings hold.
Based on that, I hold other museums to high standards, that it’s just not possible, on their budgets, to keep up with.

With all that being said, the Natural History Museum is a little sparse, but they have a nice selection of what they have:

  • Baja’s Wild Side – A collection of photographs showing off the local area
  • Coast to Cactus – Showing off the animals and environment of Southern California
  • Skulls – From gnats to mammals, and horns to beaks, this collection is full of all sorts of bones and skulls from the animal kingdom
  • Fossil Mysteries – The exploration of 75-million years of Southern California, and the creatures that roamed this Earth before people
  • Pendulum – They have a pendulum in one of their lobbies, that shifts with the Earths movement. A set of dominoes is placed around it at the start of the day, and as the day progresses they slowly get knocked over

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