Because, aviously…

My final installment of the museums at Balboa Park, in addition to Natural History and the Model Railroad Museums, will be on two museums that are right next door to each other, in the corner of the park.

Air & Space Museum

This museum will take you in a loop around a central pavilion, going through the different eras of aviation.

From the Golden Age of flight, through WWI, WWII, and an array of modern planes as well, the museum is a great place to get a little piece of aviation history.

When you walk in you get greeted by Charles Lindbergh and his Spirit of St. Louis, which glided across the Atlantic on the first solo non-stop plane to make that journey.

The museum also has a large number of flight simulators, so that visitors can get in the cockpit and fly their own plane, breaking G-Force and performing barrel rolls.

Automotive Museum

This one-room museum has a nice collection of cars and motorcycles but lacks a real history for those without a strong car background.

For enthusiasts of bikes and cars this place is probably a heaven, but besides for a DeLorean and one or two other pieces, most of it was exactly what it said on the outside of the building: Just Automobiles.

They have a few exhibits that bring out the best of motors, from Harley Davidson’s and Louie Mattar, to Barn Finds and off-roads.

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