Because, aviously…

Taking a Harbor Cruise seems like a great idea in most cities. It gives you a great view of the skyline, and generally a nice look at what a city has to offer. But in the case of San Diego, save your time and money, and head to the sites themselves for better views, for a much better experience.

If you do take the Harbor Cruise North, sit on the top deck, right side of the boat (when facing the front of the ship), for the best views that they’ll offer, here is what you might expect:

  • Downtown Skyline – San Diego doesn’t have a shortage of views, and the view looking back at the skyline here may be the one perk of taking the cruise
  • Naval Base Coronado – While you can’t get too close, it is an active naval base after all, you get great sights of helicopters coming and going, and their dry docks and training facilities. If you are lucky you’ll get passed by training boats heading out for exercises.
    For better views of ships, planes, and helicopters, just head next door to the launch dock, and hop on board the USS Midway!
  • Seals hanging out on buoys and floats – A few seals here and there, as the boat cruises on by, just isn’t the up-close and personal experience, and it isn’t the best experience for it. Head to La Jolla Beach and literally hang out with them and take as many selfies as you’d like

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