Because, aviously…

My new theory on ships…seen one, seen them all. I’ve been to the Intrepid in NYC, the Torsk and other ships in Baltimore, and now the USS Midway in San Diego.
The insides of these ships are all pretty much the same, but it’s the planes and special features that make them visitable time after time.

The Midway starts off on the right foot, offering a free audio tour with headsets, and a great video to set the scene.
Battle of Midway shows the WWII fight that led to the commissioning and naming of this aircraft carrier.

Amongst their floors, you have an array of rooms, from sleeping quarters and mess halls to sick bays, laundry rooms, and a post office.

Inside you’ll find the hanger bay, and up top on the deck, you have a full array of planes and helicopters, as well as some opportunities to sit inside the cockpits of planes or cargo areas of the helicopters.

The full ship will likely take you about two to four hours to walk through, and save time for the bridge tour, which closes early, and gives you access to the topmost parts of the ship.

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