Because, aviously…

The San Diego Padres, while not a great team in recent years, plays in the beautiful Petco Park, and a tour there should be on everyone’s list while visiting the city.

The tour takes you through many aspects of the park, including:

  • Press Box – See where all the writers, from the AP to MLB, and local to national newspapers all sit with their fantastic view of the action on the field
  • Visitors Dugout, Locker Room, and Batting Cages, all of which are said to be smaller and less impressive than the home teams’
  • Large Screen – What was advertised as the largest in baseball, stacks up in 5th place when the stats are polled…but when you have a bad team, you need to stretch the facts a bit!
  • Lexus Club – Their expensive seats include the Lexus Club, which has season-long lockers, comfortable couches, and an open bar
  • Padres Hall of Fame – Full of Hall of Famers that played at some point in their career for the Padres organization (like Ted Williams’ minor league stint), as well as a leaderboard of career leaders, including memorabilia of their All-Time greats, including Trevor Hoffman and Tony Gwynn
  • Western Metal Supply – This building existed long before the stadium came around, and still stands in the left-field seats, with the facade facing the field, and the old beer case slide still intact. Inside that porch, the American Flag is displayed using colored baseballs

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