Because, aviously…

The Living Coast Discovery Center in Chula Vista, is located in the San Diego Bay, right next to the US Fish & Wildlife Services center…and isn’t worth the visit.

The Discovery Center has a bus, to take you from the free parking lot down a dirt road to the main building, running on a loop the entire day.

The Center has a lot of rescue animals, and a surprising amount of variety, while a low quantity of each one (about one of each variety).
These animals include birds, turtles, sharks, rays, and snakes.

Key animals on exhibit all have special times that teach you about them, including feedings, mostly in the afternoons (1:15-2:45), with the sharks, turtles, and bald eagles.

This wasn’t high on my list of places to attend but was a time filler one afternoon.
At a whopping $16 admission, it’s absolutely not worth the price, and better to head up the shore to the Birch Aquarium for an extra dollar or two.

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