Because, aviously…

2K has been working on the NBA for years, and despite a few years ago being a failure, the franchise has rebounded nicely, and this years MyCareer mode is truly one of the best that any sports franchise has done.
EA Sports, who recently rejuvenated their NBA Live series, has been delving into story modes with FIFA and Madden, and their story modes have been fairly scripted. While this is very enjoyable, and really changes the landscapes of sports games, 2K has kicked it up to another level.

For starters, they added a full Neighborhood for you to wander around, GTA style, and go about your NBA life in between games. Things included in the neighborhood:

  • My Court – This is your home, complete with a basketball court to invite your NBA friends over and shoot around
  • Team Practice Facility – Head here to practice with your teammates and run drills
  • Gatorade Training Facility – From bench presses to sprints you can do all sorts of workouts to help build up your player, and gain “Gatorade Power” to help with your stamina in upcoming games
  • VS Sports Management – Your agent’s office, which is where those fat paychecks and mega deals come rolling in
  • Mini Games – Little half courts throughout town for King of the Court and Dunk-offs
  • Stores – Need new gear for on and off the court? New looks from head to toe?
    From tattoo parlors to barbershops and the NBA Store to Newsstands the town is full of ways to spend money
  • 2K Store – Arcade hoops game, trivia, and a daily NBA Pick-Em all give you more ways to have in-game fun not playing NBA game
  • The Playground – Pickup ball with the internet…your old-school Multiplayer mode on the streets

And then there’s the story itself. From teaming up with “veteran Shammy Wells”, to dealing with your annoying roommate B-Fresh, your family and friends surround you the entire way as you go from the streets to an All-Star, and vying for those minutes on the floor.

One of the weird things I find is that while I am playing on 5-minute quarters, all the other rookies that I’m competing with for awards are playing full 48-minute games…and there’s no way that I can see to even that playing field.

Overall the MyCareer will get a 9 out of 10, and I’ve been playing this one for weeks already.


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