Because, aviously…

I tend to stay away from NBA games, as they bore me easily, but with the playoffs in full swing, and the “Spike Lee story” promise from 2K, I finally bit the bullet and bought 2K16 NBA.

The storyline itself is a pretty cool example of how a great game can be built…if it actually gave you any freedom.
I’m not talking about choosing which college, but what about picking when the time is right to cut your mooching friends loose?

But the biggest issue is: You need to have an internet connection to continue your game, and regardless of the connection, it likes to not load.
It takes about three or four (really slow) tries to log into “My Career” with the system liking to return an error code: a21468b6, and telling you to check their website for service status.
The site always likes to have everything green lit…when clearly it doesn’t work well.
And buying the game 6+ months after release, you’d think they’d have fixed issues such as “Loading your saved game”, which is a pretty common feature.

The game itself is pretty good, once the slow load times are done, although the defensive abilities seem to have declined from previous years’ games.

This game is too all over the place to merit a rating.

NBA 2K16

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