Because, aviously…

Congrats to the University of Central Florida Knights (UCF), the 2018 NCAA Football Champions.

What’s that? You heard that the championship game is next Monday night between Georgia and Alabama? Well, that’s what the committee wants you to believe, but I’m on the Dan Le Batard bandwagon with this and believe that the champion has already been crowned.

UCF has the resume of a champion, and if the Championship committee chose their participants based on records, instead of favoritism, conference, and ratings, there would be no doubts that UCF would be there.

  • 13-0 record at the end of the season — The only undefeated team in the Nation
    Teams that made the playoffs had two losses or didn’t even make their conference championships
  • Beat Auburn in a Bowl game…a team that had beat two other playoff teams
  • UCFs Quarterback McKenzie Milton was 8th in Heisman voting
  • They have a player, Shaquem Griffin, who plays with one hand and still gets his share of sacks and interceptions

They added the playoffs a few years ago, which made it a little more fair…but the system clearly needs some more improvement.

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