Because, aviously…

For years I’ve been using the ESPN app to get notifications on all my teams. From top stories to score updates, the app was always there with the data I needed.

But it was during MLS Decision Day last season that I started to realize the app wasn’t cutting it anymore. As I waited for notifications on how the other teams were doing, the guy next to me kept getting the information minutes before I did. When I asked him what app he was using, he told me theScore.

But after that I didn’t think of it again, until the last few weeks, when the ESPN app stopped giving me all updates for the events. Games would go from 0-0 to 2-0, without any updates in between. So I decided it was time to cut ties with ESPN and move on over to theScore.

theScore was very simple to set up, and from Day 1 it is proving to be better than ESPN:

  • Updates very quickly after they happen in game
  • A live feed of news stories, pulled from Twitter and the likes, with videos. And unlike the ESPN app, there are no ads before the videos, since they are coming off social media
  • A cleaner interface for managing your notifications from each sport and event

theScore is available on Android and iOS.

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