Because, aviously…

In the past I’ve talked about other streaming services, such as Hulu TV and YouTube TV, and today my focus is turned to CBS All-Access.

For just $5.99/month ($9.99 without ads) you can watch CBS on all your mobile devices, not just from an On-Demand service or a desktop website.

It gives you next day access to all CBS shows, and the ability to live stream your local CBS affiliate and CBSN, their 24/7 live-streaming news channel.

And just like Hulu they give you access to their complete library, with 10,000+ episodes of shows like NCIS and Madam Secretary…plus exclusives just for All-Access members to shows like Star Trek: Discovery and The Good Fight.

One of the issues I have with the Android version of their app is that it doesn’t keep track of location too well. So if I pause an episode 32 minutes in, and come back later, it might be sitting still at 15 or 22 minutes…which when you don’t have the ad-free version, means you need to sit through full ad breaks over and over as you scrub through trying to find your location.

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