Because, aviously…

InstLife is the latest fad game, to hit Android (only available on Google Play, with talk of an upcoming iOS app), and it’s the perfect example of a mind-numbingly boring, time-consuming, game, made by Indie company InstCoffee.

Like your life – but instant.

Upon opening the game you are born as a random gender in a random country, and instantly your life takes off.

Go to school, get a degree…find jobs or be unemployed for life…
Find a lover, a mistress, have drugs, drink too much, get a drivers license, or just go to the gym with your last dollars.
Buy a house or car, plan a family vacation, and figure out your sexual orientation.

This game lets you live life, from start to finish, in a matter of minutes, eliminating the need (for now) of a save function.

InstLife is still under development, and every update provides new exciting features and life events (or ads…but you can’t really fault them for that), but is an enjoyable play for a few times thru on a rainy day.

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