Because, aviously…

The Washington Post published an op-ed on March 29th entitled “I Am Tired of Being a Jewish Man’s Rebellion” by Carey Purcell, and I wish I could say that it was an April Fools joke.
The article comes across as idiotic and makes her sound like she isn’t the brightest bulb in the box.

Now personally, I am not easily offended and feel that everyone is entitled to their opinion, whether they are right or wrong. But as I read through this article, the stupidity that I was reading actually hurt my head and made me realize how clueless people can be to other religions, or even to their own…now let’s dissect:

  • First of all, congrats Carey on knowing how to mix a drink, and not having control of how much alcohol you actually put in. Maybe if you weren’t drinking them too often, you wouldn’t have a problem finding men who will stay with you.
  • You call yourself a “very liberal Christian”, but when these guys who are “lackadaisical Jewish” don’t know their own religion you get upset…maybe it’s hard for you to understand, but within every single religion there are different levels of religion. Some people keep more of the laws, some keep less. Some keep them in public, some keep them in private, and some are just doing their own things.
  • Do you Carey not eat meat every Friday during Lent? What about when there’s that 5 for $5 sale…have you ever snuck a quick burger in? But man, these Jews don’t fast on Yom Kippur, aren’t they just the worst?
  • You dated two guys for a few years total…you stuck with them despite these “flaws in their Judaism”…yet now that you are alone and miserable, you use those as your excuse to lash out against Jews.

I now half-jokingly consider myself a Jewish man’s rebellion and guard myself against again landing in that role.
But, living in New York and working in theater, I frequently meet Jewish men. At almost every event I go to, they approach me. As flattered as I am, I don’t welcome the complications and potential heartbreak I’ve experienced back into my life.

  • I work in the Television industry, and meet no Orthodox Jewish women…and somehow I don’t date the Christians that I meet because I know that that’s not what I ultimately want. I have a little thing called “self-control”.

Maybe your issue is that you are dating the wrong kind of Jews, because like you said: “Jews are more likely to intermarry than other religions.”…or maybe the problem isn’t them, but your close-minded-self.

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