Because, aviously…

I’ve always wanted to find a solid place to backup all my data in the cloud, yet it always seemed extremely costly.

Microsoft OneDrive offers 1TB of data for $70 a year ($5.80/month), Google Drive offers 1TB for $10/month, and Amazon S3 has a plan that brings it down to similar costs.
The good thing about these services? They hold your data forever, even if you don’t log in…which is the one downside to the service I’m about to introduce you to: Backblaze.

This cloud service is loaded with amazing features, on the Personal Backup option, the simplest of which is $50/year for unlimited storage ($95/2 years), but it gets better from there:

  • Unlimited Storage, and unlimited file size. Usually, these products limit the individual file size, regardless your overall space. But Backblaze doesn’t care how big/small it is. It’ll back it up.
  • Fast speeds. They let you backup with auto-threading and throttling, or set your own limits to make it go even faster.
  • Easy recovery: From any computer (or even on Android or iOS) you can download your entire database, or even just one file if that’s what you need.
    But what if it takes too long to download? Or you just want your files, and don’t want to download it?
    Backblaze will send you your files via FedEx, 128GB Flash drive for $99, or a 4TB drive for $189. And if you want, within 30 days, you can return the drive for a full refund, after you transferred the files to your personal drives!
  • Safe. All your files are encrypted, and you can turn on two-step verification to prevent others from logging in.

As I stated earlier, they only hold your data for 30 days at a time, unless you connect the drives to their servers. This creates a constant backup, where if it disappears from your drive it will remain on the cloud for 30 more days.
But don’t connect at all, and they assume your data has been removed, in what they would consider file integrity.

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