Because, aviously…

Last weekend was the NFL draft, and as always it was filled with shenanigans when announcing picks. From David Akers taunting Cowboys fans to a parrot flying in the pick for the Buccaneers.

But the one that is supposed to be a “feel good moment” is the one that is the craziest when you really look at it.

Ryan Shazier was a Wide Reciever for the Pittsburgh Steelers, but during a game against the Bengals he took a hit and went to the ground, unable to move his legs with a “spinal contusion”.

But thankfully for him, he is on the long road to recovery, and is now up and moving, with a little help…and last week they paraded him out on stage to announce their Round 1 pick.

While I think it’s amazing and great that he is in recovery, it’s a little strange that the very league that caused him to be in this state is now using his walkability as a celebration…without them, he would never be in this state.

On a more common level: Can you imagine if Takata had an ad with people who have shards in their face from their airbags, going out and driving cars with new and improved Takata airbags?

The Steelers are doing right by him and paying out the rest of his contract as a “bonus”…but this league has been a train wreck for years, and this is just another cherry on the cake.

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