Because, aviously…

The Vermont Teddy Bear Factory, located in Shelburne, VT is the home to one of the more famous Teddy Bears, and this walkthrough gives you a brief history of the bear, and the making of each one.

The original one made by John Sortino was stiff, and not cuddly. But he wanted to make them movable, so he added in joints.

They show the full swatch of fur, which they then lay down the stencils on, and cut out all their little parts. With all the extra space, they make tiny bear buttons, that go over your pin for the tour.

The factory makes approximately 750 bears a day, each sewn shut by hand after they are jointed and stuffed.

When you get ideas of what you want your bear to look like, with custom clothing or writing on their paws, all you gotta do is contact them, and they can work to make anything happen.

All their bears have a lifetime guarantee, regardless if they were run over by a lawnmower or eaten by a dog, and when they get sent into the hospital, they get put on an appropriate honey IV drip.

This tour is geared for kids, but fun for adults too!

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