Because, aviously…

I recently signed up for SiriusXM Radio, and it really does change the way I listen to radio…and it’s given me a lot of great laughs with their comedy lineups.

While my vehicle doesn’t have a physical XM Radio, I was able to sign up for it as a “Streaming Only” version, which works on a computer or mobile device.

Because I don’t have an actual radio, the plan is missing some of the channel options, but here are some features (as per my plan):

  • Channel selection is fantastic, including (but not limited to):
    • Music – Top songs in all genres and from all decades…and channels that are specific to artists (or songs similar to them), such as Garth Brooks, Dave Matthews, and U2
    • Comedy – Comedy Central, Jeff Foxworthy and Larry the Cable Guy, Kevin Hart, all have their own themed channels, as well as some random standup channels
    • Sports – Designated Channels just for ESPN, Fox Sports, NBC Sports, Soccer, PGA, and home play-by-play for most sports…other plans have ones for NASCAR and MLB
    • News – Full news coverage from Fox News/CNN/MSNBC, business from Fox Business/CNBC/Bloomberg, World News from the BBC, and even a Fox News Specific Channel just for SiriusXM “Headlines 24/7”
    • Howard Stern – Not my cup of tea, but channels dedicated just for him
  • It runs on 4G, so if you are in the mountains and lose signal…
  • Random invitations to exclusive events, such as U2 at The Apollo, or a private Shawn Mendes event!

I got a great deal for my first six months, well worth the trial!

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