Because, aviously…

Today I did something I haven’t done…ever.

I went to the Apple Store to complete a purchase.

Now, this is not my first Apple product, I’ve owned a first generation iPod (given by a friend), an 80GB iPod Video (bought at a Best Buy), an iPod Nano (bought online), and the iPad 2 (bought at a Radio Shack).

So to make my life easier, I went online on Thursday, and actually made my purchase, including payment, online, and instead of having to worry about someone being home to receive the package, I said I’d pick up the purchase at the Roosevelt Field Mall Apple Store.

Right after purchasing it, I realized I had ordered the Silver iPad Air 64GB (which has a white frame), when really I had wanted the Space Gray (as I much preferred the black frame).

So I clicked that ever helpful “Chat Now” button on the order page, and spoke with a representative online, who told me that it wouldn’t be an issue if I just did an exchange when I went to pick it up at the store.

Today I went in to the Apple Store at Roosevelt Field Mall, and met Daniel. Daniel the UnGenius.

For starters, let me state that iPods and iPads are the only Apple products I own, merely because they are the best devices in their markets. I will never own an iPhone, as Androids battery life (among other things) are just un-toppable, and I currently have the wonderful Moto X.

So I walk up to Daniel, and he pulls out his “trusty” iPhone to take care of my order.

First asking for my “Order Number”, I have to repeat it to him to input 3 times, as he keeps muttering “Sorry, the order number isn’t going in correctly.”

Finally he gets the order number in, and my order comes out, and I tell him I want to make an exchange in the colors.

“Sure, no problem,” says the UnGenius.

So he takes out that trusty iPhone again, and tries scanning the bar code on my iPad, to register the return.

While the red light is on for the scanner, clearly it isn’t working properly…as he keeps slamming his phone into the countertop (almost like a hammer), and then trying again to scan it.

After a few tries of this, he walks away, and trades iPhones with another UnGenius.

Finally able to scan it in, he has the other iPad brought out, and then tells me: “Oh, you got $15 off your iPad? How’d you do that? Because of that, I can’t process an exchange. Why didn’t you tell me you got a discount?”

Wait…wait…wait…I’m, supposed to tell you, what I paid, since it shouldn’t make any difference in an even exchange, and now that you’ve smacked the crap out of your phone, you’ve determined that you can no longer help me?

So I now have to stand in the Apple Store, and on my phone, go online, and put in another order, charging a second iPad to my Credit Card, wait 25 minutes, and then when it’s finally “ready”, I can buy the new one, and return the “old” one.

All because his crappy iPhone couldn’t process a simple exchange, because of a $15 discount.

All this after the online representative, had clearly told me to just go into the store and make the exchange.

God I hate Apple so much right now.

5 thoughts on “Un-Genius Bar

  1. moshberm says:

    Apple holds a very strict “like for like” policy on all exchanges at the Genius Bar. The trick is to take care of this by the register and not the Genius Bar. I once swapped a phone case out at the Genius Bar and wanted to swap black for red. The Genius couldn’t help me, but the register did. You gotta learn the system and it’ll work for you.

    1. @iAmAviG says:

      In reality, you would be correct…except for the fact that I had contacted their online help on Thursday, and they had told me to go into the store to take care of it…Right hand needs to start talking to the Left hand.

      1. moshberm says:

        The genius was probably wrong there. Again, policies… It’s also luck of the draw. I’ve gotten better and worse geniuses.

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